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Financial Articles
In an attempt to find the proper way to begin a strategy for dealing with personal finance goals, one will find that there are many banks that offer their customers free consultation when it comes to these matters. A bank is a great place to start when looking for help and ways to stretch your weekly pay checks.
It is recommended by most financial advisors as well as economist that one of the first things one should do after getting a job, whether part time or full time, is setting up a bank account. Having a bank account is one of the most basic steps one can take to create a more stable financial future [...]
In the good old days, personal finance for most people meant simply balancing their checkbook once a week and making sure they had enough money in the bank to cover the monthly bills. Of course that was long before the days of multiple credit cards, electronic fund transfers, PayPal, and the dozens of other complicated financial transactions made by even the average person on a daily basis. These days, keeping track of person finances can be quite a chore and can often overwhelm you, leading to a less than perfect financial situation.
Modern life has created additional headaches in our daily lives, but fortunately it has also provided new tools to use to control them. Personal finance software is the best option for keeping one's personal finances organized and up to date [...]
The Canadian banking industry is one of the strongest industries in Canada. It creates wealth for Canadians by serving as a medium between borrowers, investors and businessmen. According to the Canadian Bankers Association, banks across Canada paid over $7.6 billion in taxes to the Canadian government and approximately $9 billion globally as of 2005. The Canadian banking industry continues to advance despite the present economic turmoil. Furthermore, Canadians are more than just customers but they themselves are shareholders through their pension plans and other investments.
One of the top 5 banks of Canada listed in order of market capitalization is the Royal Bank of Canada. The bank was founded in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was originally named Merchants Bank. Edson Loy Pease from Quebec is by far the first CEO and Managing Director of the bank, thus, playing an important role in the institution's history [...]